Collection and recycling of clothing, shoes and textiles

REGAIN Recyclables BV gives a second life to used clothes and textile. We collect second hand clothes in Western Europe. We sell the clothes that are fit for wearing in Eastern-Europe, Africa and South-America. The clothes that are not fit for wearing anymore are recycled into rags or basic elements for new textile.

If you want to know more about the products that we offer, read more about sales at REGAIN Recyclables BV.

You are the charity!
Opposed to many other clothes collectors, we reward collections with financial compensation. The destination of this compensation is then to be decided by you. We are prepared to think along to realize the highest possible profit. We are momentarily working with local governments, charities and associations.

If you are interested, read more about collecting second hand clothes.

We are collecting by using the well known textile containers and we co-operate with CityGreenPoint. Our actions are transparent and as pioneers we are aiming for profit. Environmental and social involvement are of very great importance to us.