Based in Cuijk, The Netherlands, REGAIN Recyclables specializes in collecting, sorting and selling used clothes i.e. textile and related items such as shoes, bags, belts and toys. After being founded in 1997 under the name Drietex The Re-use Company and later evolved into REGAIN Recyclables we have developed to a professional organization that dominates the worldwide used textile branch, from collecting up to sales.

REGAIN Recyclables is a commercial organization which sees great importance in environmental and social involvement.


Doing business with social responsibilty
People that have fallen behind in society are welcome at REGAIN to make a fresh start. The past is no reason to keep someone from working.

Each kilogram of reused clothes spares the environment by saving 6.000 liters of water, 3 kg of CO2 and 0,5 kg of chemicals.
The applying of improved collecting methods and stimulating consumers to separate the handed in clothes and textile beforehand, are an integrated part of our business activities.


More4Less Waste Management B.V.:
More4Less Waste Management B.V. is the holder of REGAIN Recyclables BV. More4Less Waste Management BV consists of 3 subsidiaries:

REGAIN Recyclables BV:
Collecting, purchasing and selling of original clothes and sorted clothes, based in Cuijk, The Netherlands.

CityGreenPoint Holding BV:
Improved textile collecting method in which textiles and other waste streams can be collected. The collection of textiles is partially the financial bearer of the collection system.

African Environmental Concepts BV:
Improving the living environment for citizens of Africa, by educating people and creating employment in the waste industry and in this way fighting poverty amongst the youth. At the same time also by improving the environment by building on a more structured and sustainable waste collection and more sustainable processing of the different waste streams.