Regain Recyclables possesses all of the permits and certificates to collect European textiles. Because of our long-time experience in collecting second hand textiles, and our own experience with sorting in the past, we can guarantee you the best possible quality of unsorted and untouched original for your sorting facility.

Regain Recyclables BV has been handling the collection of used clothing and shoes for decades. We are your professional partner for the efficient collection, reporting and processing of your clothes and shoes.



Thanks to our efficient working method and years of knowledge, our customers, municipalities, charitable organizations, schools and companies (shops) receive the best service in the collection of textiles and shoes. For this they also receive a fee per kilogram from Regain.

In collaboration with various charitable organizations, districts and communities we collect used clothes. The used clothes are all collected with our own above ground collection containers that are emptied by hand.


CityGreenPoint – Locals4Locals

Aside from the ordinary collecting containers, REGAIN has designed a new type of container called the CityGreenPoint. With this container we introduced a new collecting concept under the name of CityGreenPoint – Locals4Locals.

With CityGreenPoint – Locals4Locals it is our goal to link municipalities, local companies and local charities and create a win-win-win situation for everyone. We can fully serve municipalities and retail companies by collecting multiple raw materials through our outdoor containers (Textiles, Batteries, Lamps, Cartridges, WEEE), whereby local charities partially benefit from the proceeds. At the same time it is possible to do with the use of social employment from the same municipality. WIN-WIN-WIN.

This unique concept has started in Germany in 2013 at Edeka Supermarkets. In Luxembourg, this collection concept is taken into use by Valorlux. If you are interested in this concept or if you would like to have more information, please send us an email or visit the website of CityGreenPoint Holding BV.


Collecting for local governments
REGAIN provides the collecting of used textile for local governments. We have the knowledge to carry this out efficiently and effectively. REGAIN is well familiarized with the market and because of its scale, it can keep the costs low. We help to increase the amount of collected kilos per inhabitant, because of this the amount of textile waste decreases. If wanted, we can also provide door-to-door collecting for the local governments. We are experienced in the implementation of social return for your local government and we can therefore provide customized actions so we can satisfy your specific needs.

Also, in combination with our CityGreenPoint concept, we can support local governments to decrease the kilograms of solid waste per inhabitant. We can achieve this by by simplifying the process of separating at the source and making it more attractive for residents to seperate waste.


Collecting by individuals
We support occasional as well as structural collecting by individuals. We can collect your collected items or you can deliver them to our warehouse yourself. During structural collections or collections on a large scale, we can install a temporary container. Obviously you will be receiving a compensation for each kilo of collected textile.


Clubs, foundations and schools
Your members or pupils are the ambassadors of you establishment. By combining your members’ strength you can create the opportunity to collect large amounts of clothes and textile. The collected clothes will bring extra profits to your establishment. You thereafter decide how you want to spend this profit. Collections can be organized occasionally or by installing containers on your ground.

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