REGAIN Recyclables BV sells unsorted second hand clothes and sorted qualities.
Our unsorted second hand clothes, the so-called original, is collected only in Western Europe (EU Original).


Sales of second hand clothes at REGAIN, The Netherlands


We are a collector and supplier of unsorted original and sorted clothes/shoes/accessories for more than 25 years now. We collect clothing in the Netherlands, Germany (South-West Germany, Baden-Baden) and in Luxembourg, which is offered in a mix as EU Original. The EU original is of good quality and has not been touched.

Unsorted original we load in big bags with which we can load approximately 15-16 tons in a normal truck.
In a volume combination (120m³) we can load about 20 tons.



High quality sorting:
Only the higher grades, the sorted garments are folded and packed in transparent plastic bags of 30-35 kilograms.

Export quality sorting:
We work with one standard quality for export, that is very high according to the standards. Our priority is that the quality of the clothes is good and that the clothes look fresh and colorful so that it is good to sell on the entire market. This clothing is pressed in bales of 45 or 55 KG each (depending on what you want), and we can load approximately 27.500 KG in one 40FT HC Container.

We will of course take care of all customs formalities and documentation for export to your warehouse, so that this process will be carefree and smoothly for you.

If you are interested, please contact us.


– Request quote only by email
– Goods subject to availability
– Prices exclude all shipment costs. (Ex works Cuijk) and all administration and postal costs.
– Payment: 50% before start of production, and 50% before loading.
– Payments can be made by bank, Western Union or Cash.
– Checks and Letter of Credit will not be accepted.
– Sorting is people’s work. Therefore, deviations up to 5% have to be accepted by the client.

Deliveries are made subject to our general terms and conditions, copy of which has been deposited by the Court in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Copy available on request, free of charge.