REGAIN Recyclables BV is a family-owned business that has been providing clothing collection services for municipalities, charities and other associations since 1997. We focus on clean, high-quality collection where the highest possible percentage of re-use can be achieved. REGAIN collects clothing and shoes in the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.

Below you will find more information about these collections.

In the Netherlands we collect clothes and shoes through municipalities, charities and other associations. This concerns container collection as well as door-to-door collections and a “living-room collection” which takes place at our location in Cuijk.

REGAIN itself has no fine-sorting / grading and does not collect “thrift-store materials”.

The HOLLAND collection is a very clean product. The majority of our collection is collected via above-ground containers that are manually emptied by our drivers, with immediate removal of contamination and wet clothing and immediate packaging of loose clothing. All incoming collections are thoroughly checked by our experienced employees upon arrival at our warehouse in Cuijk, so that there is no unwanted items / contamination in the collection.

REGAIN HOLLAND ‘ORIGINAL’ is loaded in BIG-BAGS of 1,600KG each, in this way we load 16.000 – 17.000 KG in a normal trailer. We load about 20.000 KG in a volume combination (120m³).

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In Germany, we collect ourselves using a new, innovative collection concept developed by REGAIN. For more information about CityGreenPoint, please visit the website Due to this concept and the region in which the collection takes place, the quality of this German collection is higher than normal German collections.

This collection only takes place via above-ground containers that are emptied by hand by our drivers, so no loose clothing, no pollution and no waste. CityGreenPoint ‘Original’ is a clean product.

The CityGreenPoint German Original can be loaded in different ways; it is possible to load in small plastic bags, with which we can load 15,000 to 16,000 kilograms in a normal trailer. We can load approximately 20,000 kilograms in a volume combination trailer (120m³). It is also possible to load in cap sacks of approx. 150KG each, with this we load 19,000KG in a normal trailer or 40’HC container

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In Luxembourg we collect clothes and shoes through municipalities. This concerns both container collection and door-to-door collections. Here too, the experienced employees ensure that all contamination and wet clothing are removed after collection and the loose clothing is packed in bags.

REGAIN LUXEMBOURG “ORIGINAL” is loaded in small plastic bags, with which we can load 15,000 kilograms in a normal trailer. We can load approximately 18,000 kilograms in a volume combination trailer (120m³).

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– Price request only by email
– Goods subject to availability
– Shipping, administration and postage costs are not included in the price (Ex-works, 5431 Cuijk – NL)
– Delivery only possible via Annex VII procedure after conclusion of an EVOA contract, submission of your permits and VIES check
– REGAIN takes care of all documentation regarding the delivery
– Payment: 100% in advance
– Payments are only made by bank.
– Cash, checks and letter of credit are not accepted.